What’s your sign?

We used to ask that a lot, do you remember? 

OK, I’ll go first.

I’m a Taurus through and through. If you look up almost any description of Taurus the Bull, you’ll be able to suss out most of my personality traits.

A Taurus is born between April 20 and May 20. Taurus is the second of the twelve astrological signs and is represented by the bull constellation. Of the four zodiac elements (air, earth, fire, and water), Taurus is an Earth sign, which kinda makes sense to me ‘cos I love to garden and play in the dirt.

Collectively, Earth signs are practical, stoic, and determined. We Taureans are known for our tenacity, but there’s more to me than that… we’re a bit of dark horse. Ruled by the planet Venus, we share her traits of beauty, artistry, and a love for luxury and comfort. (Soooo true.)

Taureans are considered to be the anchor of the zodiac. That fixed modality means that we love our stability and find comfort in consistency.

With Venus (the goddess of love) as our dominant planet, we won’t shy away from romance. If a Taurus has chosen you, our loyal, genuine nature means we’re in it for the long haul. We are devoted and trustworthy and loving and faithful and dependable and have a highly developed sense of integrity and self respect. 

Taureans aren’t fond of authority (SOOO TRUE!) and might challenge a teacher or professor (or cop) whom they believe is wrong about something or just wasting their time. You know that one student in class who’s always challenging the professor? Probably a Taurus.

Above all else, people born under the Taurus sign value honesty.

Taureans, like the bull that represents them, are known to be intelligent, dependable, hardworking, dedicated, and stubborn (teehee).

I’m sure we Taureans have a few shadowy negative traits, but I’m only focusing on the positive ones here.

Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg and Queen Elizabeth are both Taureans? For me, the best part of being a May baby is that every seven years, my birthday falls on Mother’s Day, so I get to celebrate my birth along with the joy being mom to my one and only Angel Boy.

What’s YOUR sign?



26 thoughts on “What’s your sign?

  1. You make being a Taurus sound fantastic! You are the epitome of all of the goodness that Taurus is! How wonderful! I am a Pisces – water sign Not sure what that means but I do love the water!

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  2. Cool! Yes and yes on Taureans, and another positive Taurean quality is that a bull won’t budge an inch no matter how pushy, might just look the other way as they swat you away with their tail like a fly. 🙂

    Rather than my sign, I’m more my Chart. It’s like People In A Room Astrology as a Sign. Yes, I’m a Sag, and Sag sits in the (Tarot) Chariot driver’s stance (drive standing up) in the 11th House. Though, the whole rest of the Chariot so to speak is composed of Hanged Man~Empress Tarot Birth Cards as the wheels, and then:

    10th House Mercury~Neptune conjunction in Scorpio (I LOVE this feature!) — very matter of fact and up front with intuition as a fluent language, and as well imagination and creativity. This pairing created a very clear and Neptunian radar for the seen and the unseen, for being direct in comms and even stealthy physically (martial arts), an ability to be quieter than quiet = Silence immersed in meditation.

    11th House Sun in Sag = YAH! Born Ready!

    Moon in 12th House Cap — certainly no cork there, and the Moon won’t get swallowed by the infinite abyss into the dark and chthonic depths of the 12th House

    Moon in 12th House Cap conjunct my ASC — there’s that imagination, intuition, reflecting like the Moon low in the sky over the ocean Casting a wonderful self-portrait of itself across the ocean, playfully, like watercolor. There enters my watercolor painting, and my oils were somewhat Moon in 12th House.

    Mars 1st House almost conjunct the ASC though a little out of orb just going under the horizon of the ASC into the Night Sky (lower 6 Houses) of the Natal Chart.

    Chiron Rx and Saturn Rx~both in the 2nd House, though Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Aries. The Rx feature (Retrograde) indicates they were parked there, very comfortably, and with Chiron being Saturn’s son (Chronos/Kronos) AND the asteroid Moira being conjunct within minutes to Saturn (making them one, complete being) there’s an intersting fascination with chronological timing that is most often driven mostly by my internal sense of timing, when I decide to rather than someone else dictating that. Moira’s domain is the internal sense of time and timing which contrasts to Saturn’s (Chronos’) chronological time.

    North Node 3rd House

    4th, 5th, and 6th Houses nice and peaceful. Nobody there. Kind of like the Temple in my Chart for me

    7th House Jupiter — Playful and sometimes a bit more on the play with luck rather than planning side. That’s both a positive trait and a failing. 🙂

    8th House Virgo OH BOY HERE COME my favorite troublemakers — 8th House Pluto~Pallas Athena~Uranus all conjunct in Virgo. I’m very comfortably methodical about embracing change and transformations and shake-ups when they arrive, just another storm in the garden so to speak. And, when I say methodical, in this context with these 3 beautiful troublemakers =, methodical means NO steps to accept the transformation except instant immersion. Dive right in or let it flood in, in an is what it is way. And, these feel to be the characters that also nourish my boundaries… very Both/And rather than dualistic, both sides of the coin in the same moment, abilities to venture over the horizon so to speak.

    9th house Venus conjunct Juno to the minute in Libra and not conjunct to but neighbors with Ceres back in 8th House Virgo — The Neighborhood of the 3 Sacred Sisters I call them here. Nourishes my love of spirituality and washing up on my shore after storms have broken so to speak. Storms as ablution rather than torrential or terrifying, even when they are disastrous. SO much Nature intensity, and I just even feel MORE natural then. = ability to listen under stress and pressure and conflict without being defensive to full-body listening experience the expanse of what’s bRing conveyed.

    Brings me back to the 10th.

    So, there’s my “Sign.” When I just say Sag… people furrow their eyebrows like What??!! Where’s the wanderlust? Oh, I don’t have wanderlust. I wanderlove of serendipity peppered with little wanderlust side trips for serendipity and finding cool new places. I go places all the time, even simply sitting in my chair. It’s where my writing comes from. Pour the feeling through the fingertips. Which author said it? Oh yeah, Hemingway. “Writing’s not difficult. All you have to do is sit at your typewriter and bleed.” Hey OVER THERE. Yeah You Sacred Sisters. Will you please turn off the faucet for a sec. As they giggle and sneak a finger out to point to Pluto~Pallas~Uranus who then “US? Nah. Well, ok, we did do that. Just wanted to wash the rest of the molt off” 🙂

    I mantra my chart with something I wrote about rites of passage years back: “The snake its skin shedded, the snakes it’s skin not missed… for … look at all the bright new colors.”

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    • I have a friend who’s been an astrologer for decades and wanted to do my chart but I don’t have a time on my birth cert and there’s no one I can ask so I could only guess at what I think I remember my mom told me. PS I don’t think I actually have ever met many Sag-apparently our paths don’t often cross.

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      • Interesting about the paths crossing. I’ve met many Tauri. Even been in relationship with 2.

        On your Natal Chart there is a technique called Rectifying the Chart. You start off plugging in Noon to generate the Natal Chart. And, then over 1-3 readings I dial the moon and Mercury and Venus and Mars in the Chart forwards and backwards by changing the Birth Time and hour each way until they feel to settle in and provide a better fit by doing Mini Turbo Readings to hear and feel them in the real. Then, you do a Mini Turbo Reading in regards to the relationships those Charts set up with the slower moving outer planets and asteroids to discern which of the Setting The Clock Readings Mini Turbo Readings seem to be the Natal Chart that is most congruent as a Temple Seat/Seat for the Soul kinda thing, or simply the Garden of You.

        It’s not difficult, it is simply an investment of time. And, rather than having to do 23 additional Mini Charts, one for each hour, I’ve often started off with 4 where in two the Moon is in the Day Sky, and 2 where the Moon is in the Night Sky. Typically, one or the other will resonate enough such you cut out the remaining possibilities. Then you Already have a Noon and two Night or Day Sky Charts, and only 3 left in that half To explore.

        Or, 2 other ways I’ve done it:
        ~ explore the sign the Moon feels to be in in you 1st, dial the Natal Chart so the Moon is in that sign, and then read that Chart to see if it works.
        ~ Use Mercury and Venus as the fastest moving planets to settle them in, and once set play the Chart WITHIN those several hours to dial in the “second hand of the watch” Moon so to speak.

        It’s a lot, is involved, though not difficult. The more you know yourself, the more accurate it can be dialed in. Fun stuff.

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      • Yes, it’s SO involved and I don’t have the patience or intelligence to do it even though I’m really interested. If I remember correctly, my mom said I was born at 11am. No drugs involved, so I think it might be accurate as she was an RN and knew how much I loved specific details.

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      • Also, one has to be careful about the time listed on a Birth Cert. Sometimes the nurses/docs don’t record it until after and are doing it from memory and tired from a 36 hour shift. Sometimes hospitals will have records You can query for, unless you of course were born at home naturally with a doula, or LOL in the car on the way. 🙂 Not many people record the time in that last case, just DRIVE FASTER NOW.

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      • Yes, oftentimes the only record/note that survives from a filing standpoint is the Birth Cert. And, again, the notes, if found pose their own probs. Let’s say you do happen to come by the file. Then, LOL, oh Boy NOW the trouble started. You find that 3 nurses and 2 ObGyn docs all recorded the time in their reports… lol, and they’re all different. Oops, back to step 1 Chart Rectification.

        Does your Natal Chart with 11a BT resonate with you? One simple technique may be to run your Natal Chart for 11a, and then add current Transits to see it in context relative to now. See how that shakes out from your perspective now. It’s an easy reverse engineering check and balance for the Natal time.

        The Moon’s important, though it’s in a sign approx 2 1/2 days. So, depending, figuring out the sign gets to be binary between where you only typically have 2 signs to choose from — not born for 2 1/2 days. :). Then, the House the Moon is in can follow suit to corroborate which of the two Sign~House combos feel more accurate.

        For a simple exercise, I suggest that you dial into 11a for the sign, and look at any cuspy aspects of House placement. Might settle it out right there.

        If you don’t have Sirius or Solar Star or WinStar pro Astro software, you can set up a free account at astro.com (Astro Dienst) and once signed in you click on the Free Readings button in the upper tab, and then on the next window there is an “Extended Chart Selection” option to click where you can enter your info and store up to 30-50 Charts, can’t remember the number. You can add asteroids to your default Chart component, do Synastry Charts between people, events, or people~events, etc. It’s a pretty cool free resource.

        Sirius is wonderfully robust, I think it’s even reviewed as “robust,” though runs $200-$500. And, lately Sirius and WinStar and Solar Fire have all been unavailable… at least on Amazon. Which is unfortunate as I had a laptop literally get fried last year and I’ve hobbling along — just fine — with the Astro.com. I simply got used to Astro software that Was as robust as a piano, and would be there for all the racetracks of charts I like to run. I laugh. That’s a very 1st world problem I have. 🙂

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      • 🙂 Oh, lol you don’t know the half of it. I’m also an Architect, so all the “all that” math, etc” is 2nd nature. Please do NOT clutter yourself with it.

        Thank you. Kudos to you for uncluttering your brain and more from trauma. I in no way presume to k now what you’ve been through, though 5 years ago I started a 3+ year Brainspotting session process with a Psychologist every other week… to consciously take the long road home so to speak. I only mention it not as a suggestion, though something to see on the horizon if you want to call it in in your process. I found a Psychologist who did Brainspotting Counseling. It’s a very prominent long-form experience I’ve had.

        Best to you and your uncluttering in whatever way is effective and resonates with you, your way.

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      • Ahhh, the LSAT. 🙂 No comment.

        Yes on EMDR being similar to Brainspotting, albeit EMDR is a bit more intense. Though, my Psychologist and I were in complete agreement that the Brainspotting was deftly doing good, so we didn’t explore EMDR.

        Excellent you’ve done neuroplasticity. I haven’t done that, though wonderfully embrace the concept as that’s a result of Brainspotting in one of those all roads lead to Rome positively effective ways. Good for you.


  3. When I was younger I loved to read my horoscope in the paper. And quite funnily, since I woke up spiritually, I have less than no interest in astrology. That said, I’ve had a reading from a very talented astrologer (very psychic and doesn’t realize it) who was in the area for a while and was so accurate it was wild. My mentor told me a few years ago I’d transcended my sign, but for what it’s worth, I’m a Virgo. Now I’m going to have to go look it up! Do you have any favorite sites that give the info you rattled off for Taurus?

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  4. Cool! 😃. I love taurean people!! 💖. All my best and closest friends in life have been either Taurus or Virgo. They are my favorite people! My brother is also a Taurus and we are very close. He is my rock in a way 😊. I am a Pisces, and like you I am a typical Pisces. Most of what you read about Pisces is true for me too 😄😄. I love astrology! 💖🐟💖🐟💖

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  5. I find it thoroughly interesting that when I transcended my chart, rather than Astrology falling by the wayside, it simply became one of those solid cornerstones in life that I braced against so that my actions were not diminished by the support structure slipping. I find it geometrically and sacred geometrically only amplifies what I do now.


  6. I will contribute my favorite horoscope ever:
    It was in The Onion… such a great rag, looks more and more like reality than fiction these days, though I digress.
    My face horoscope:
    “Dear Sagittarius, if you are reading this,
    we really apologize for predicting
    your untimely death last week.
    But, if you are reading this without arms,
    we have to say we told you so.”
    🙂 Still priceless after 12 years. I never even put in any effort to memorize it. It was instantly indelible. Full-on beauty in indelible humor.

    Oh, and yes, I still have arms.


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