Enchanting Fairy Doors


Not just fairy gardens…

Do you have these charming creations in your town?

A fairy door is an adorably miniature door usually set into the base of a tree, behind which may be small spaces where people can leave notes, wishes, or gifts for the “fairies”.

Fairy doors are thought of as portals to a magic realm in which the fairy can come and go, but humans cannot enter.

There are lots of them in my little beach town of Carlsbad, but this is a new fairy door I noticed on my walk today.

It might have been missed altogether except that I was walking slower than my usual very brisk pace because I have a broken toe and it was too painful to walk as fast or as far as I usually do.

The next time, I’ll definitely remember to bring a little offering.

Do you believe?






6 thoughts on “Enchanting Fairy Doors

  1. I certainly do believe in broken toes! I broke one a month ago and am finally past the continual throbbing and swelling from walking. I probably would have skipped the walk! Take care of yourself.

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      • I saw a doctor a few days after the break for a different issue and she focused on my toe took it more seriously than I thought, even ordered an x-ray because she thought I might have broken a bone in my foot (thank goodness I didn’t). But I followed her orders to tape it to the adjacent toe and wear shoes with little give (uncomfortable stiff things) to help it heal. She was also big on elevating it, even while I sleep. I’m doing much better now. I can finally look at comfortable shoes like it will be a possibility soon. Most of all, I’m grateful that the throbbing pain is gone. If you walked 4 miles with a broken toe, you must have a higher pain tolerance than I do!

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      • That sounds more serious than mine. I did buddy tape it, but it’s way less painful. It only started to hurt at the halfway point but by that time I was already committed so I kept going. I’ve had broken feet/ankles so I know how much it can hurt! Glad you’re healing and it was not the foot!!!

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      • Me, too. I couldn’t imagine wearing “the boot” the doctor described for a foot break – in 100+ degree heat. The toe was enough. I’m glad that you are doing well with yours!

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