Pearls and Golden Baubles

I couldn’t resist a little holiday decor.

Original post: Ma…the space between things


17 thoughts on “Pearls and Golden Baubles

  1. They who take care of the little things will be given much. Isn’t that scripture in one or the other of some religion. Pardon, Latin And Hebrew are either dead or oft-not-used languages, so I don’t get to indulge the speaking of them with many (to assure I am coming from the or an original-ish translation). 🙂 I was simply … …

    Hilarity is a word not a ward. 🙂 You ok? Seemed a bit on the I-was-coming-at-you-condescendingly vibe expressed. If that burgeoned off my intent, then I need to take more care with my language which is easy enough.

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      • Me as well. We’re on the same page about that. I try to look not even necessarily for the good in others, but for the message, the workability… what they are saying and trying to say. Putting words to thoughts can be problematic and almost ineffable at times.


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