Happy Valentine’s Day From Me to You

My plans were to post this on Sunday, Valentine’s Day, but I’m getting the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow and if predictions are correct, I might be too sick to do anything but lay on the sofa rolled up in a warm blanket and watch Netflix or reruns of Bewitched, so here it is!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image result for 1960's old fashioned vintage valentine cards

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day in spite of the commercialism. In elementary school, I looked forward to the day we’d give and receive those little Valentine’s Day cards (including the inedible heart-shaped candies.)

Later on, I especially cherished Angel Boy’s handmade cards –which I saved–every single one of them.

There’s something lovely and old fashioned about being thought of as someone’s Valentine, and I like that a lot.

I have simple wants; a bunch of wildflowers is treasured as much as a dozen red roses; all gifts from the heart are appreciated whether it’s a Chanel or a seashell. Or a handmade card from the Angels.

These flowers are called alstroemeria. Native to South America. I prefer their other name,  Lily of the Incas, ‘cos it sounds exotic. I’ve been growing them for about fifteen years. Surprisingly, they do quite well here and are drought tolerant. I’ve even been able to successfully dig up and divide the tubers.

I hope you’re having (will have) a happy, happy day!

6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day From Me to You

  1. Your lilies look so fresh, healthy, and vital! My husband and i agreed not to exchange store-bought cards this year. I’ve seen people shop for cards, reading a couple dozen before purchasing one. I don’t want a card that lots of people have handled first this year. We’re going to make homemade cards this year, which I think will be a nice treat. I also have saved my cards.

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  2. Thanks and happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I hope your post-vaccination day is more comfortable than you anticipate. I picked up a card and treat for each of my guys the other week, and I know (because I know them well) that neither of them has even thought about Valentine’s Day. Usually, something will tip my hubby off that day and he’ll grab the teen and go to a local grocery store, grab a bunch of flowers, look through whatever greeting cards are left, and maybe get a snack/chocolate bar for me. However, neither one did jack shit at Christmas, so if they do absolutely nothing I won’t be surprised. I’ll probably end up treating myself to a float in a sensory deprivation tank before the end of the month.

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    • GUYS! I usually remind my son (did it today) cos he’s so absent minded. i never minded a grocery store chocolate bar…as long as it’s chocolate, I’m happy. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I hope I don’t have a reaction too, but my doc has been making me drink 64oz water a day to prepare for it, apparently being dehydrated makes it worse. I’ll let you know!

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