My Beautiful Bobcat

I took a screenshot off of my backyard bobcat video. I’ve had many coyote sightings, but this is only the second time that I captured proof of what I suspected, that my garden magically attracts all my beloved animals.

Even though this photo isn’t the greatest, you can see that he seems large for a bobcat as they generally weigh between fifteen and thirty pounds. Males are larger than the females, maybe this one is a male. Their body length is twenty to fifty inches.

Bobcats (Lynx rufus) play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystem function by controlling prey populations. So far my bunnies seem safe, but bobcats eat pretty much the same diet as coyotes, which includes rabbits, squirrels, rats, and gophers. Since I just witnessed a disgusting MOLE come out of a hole in the ground right in front of me, I hope my predator friends add that to their menu, too.

Bobcats typically stay within an established territory and move between resting areas, food sources, or hunting areas. They often travel in predictable patterns.

CDFW stresses that aggressive behavior by bobcats toward humans is extremely rare. Most bobcats are elusive in nature and rarely seen.

As you can imagine, knowing that this beauty visits on a regular basis makes my heart sing!

18 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bobcat

  1. Great pic! We’ve had a Bobcat pass through our yard lately. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen it and photographed it a few times. And yes, they are a necessary part of the ecosystem. I’ve been a bit surprised by the few comments I had on FB by people who were scared for me. Wild creatures are naturally skittish around people, preferring to run away than turn and fight, with few exceptions. I hope your Bobcat gets the mole! I wouldn’t mind fewer moles in my yard either.

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