Unexplained Mystery | Is Anyone HERE?

The first time this occurred, I paused for a minute, thought it was slightly ODD, but rationalized to myself that I must have done it and forgotten, although I don’t forget much.

THIS time, there’s no rational explanation that I can deduce.

What is it? Who is it? Has a portal opened into another universe? Is someone trying to communicate with me? Or has some creepy sociopath gained access to my bedroom?

About a month ago, I was changing the bed linens, something I regularly do on Sunday. I found a Shungite crystal under my pillow. I don’t have any recollection of lifting my pillow and placing it there. It’s not something I would normally do, as I have a pretty bowl of crystals close by on my bedside table.

I forgot all about it until yesterday when I changed the sheets and discovered another rock perfectly centered under the pillow on the other side of my bed. This was a pretty little sparkly round rock I found a while ago on a hike in the PNW.


I’m at a loss to figure out how this happened and what the message could possible be conveyed….can you?

10 thoughts on “Unexplained Mystery | Is Anyone HERE?

  1. Someone is trying to tell you SOMETHING, and it’s up to you alone to try to figure it out. It’s personal. Stop and think about who it is and what it might mean, no one else can tell you. Someone who cares about you, someone who has gone before and needs for you to change something. HUGS.

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      • Sounds like it; that’s where my mind went.
        I was unwell, more unwell than I knew, and not taking care of myself, not eating, working too hard,etc., around the time my mother died. A heart-shaped stone showed up out of nowhere with my things. Then another showed up in the ‘Peace Lily’ that someone had sent to me on her death; it was straight from a florist and it had not been there before. I had the plant sitting on a wooden stool and when I moved it, somehow the round pot left a heart-shaped stain on the seat. I knew then it was my mother for sure telling me to take better care of myself or my heart was going to give out; it probably would have.

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