Oops, Mercury’s in Retrograde Again!

Mercury is doing its retrograde thing from May 10 to June 2.

This is so weird. My newish computer — a generous gift from the kids — suddenly locked me out.

Nothing I tried seemed to work so I called Apple and an extremely patient person helped me for more than an hour to go through the steps to recover access. None of the usual fixes seemed to work for him and he was stymied too, as there didn’t seem to be a mechanical or software reason to explain this glitch.

Finally, as he mirrored my device (with my permission), we were able to unlock the password protections.

It’s all fixed now, thank goodness, but I checked, and sure enough, Mercury is in retrograde which MIGHT explain how and why it happened.

FYI: this is a good time to back up all of your technology! It’s common to have files go missing, technology crashes, or software malfunctions during this time. Better safe than sorry, right?

6 thoughts on “Oops, Mercury’s in Retrograde Again!

  1. I know. Battening down the hatches here. Glitches expected. Schedules amok. Trying to keep my head down for a bit. Oh congrats on the computer. I so would like a new or even refurbished Mac Book Air (are you listening Universe) haha. So glad for you though. Mercury’s 3 week retros often seem a good chance to snuggle down and contemplate for me! Chris

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    • I think you are VERY wise to stay safe! FYI this is my 3rd Mac and I have to say I love them a lot. I bought the first one used from an employee of my DIL and the 2nd was refurbished. This one was brand new!! I admit there’s a steep learning curve in the beginning from a PC to a Mac but I’ll never go back. I think they’re superior in every way.

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      • I have my son’s old man book pro 13 yrs old and unfortunately it’s insides don’t accommodate newer programs so it can’t updated. I use it for story writing mostly but is very heavy. I use my newer iPad for most things including accounts, and WP posts. I have a Bluetooth keyboard that makes it good to use. But it’s applications are limited as they are designed to be. I hear the new iPad Pro is almost like a computer. I decided to bite the bullet and treat5 myself but just turned on my air conditioner on this 28C (82F) and it has given up the ghost – so I guess I know where my money will go sigh

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  2. Good Lord! I just had an iCloud lockout myself. My recorded password did not do the trick. After many failed attempts, I finally just changed the darned thing. I know there will be downstream fallout to this change. Drat you Mecury.

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