Princess Rosebud’s EMPOWERING Solo Adventure

(Blogging from the train, which is OK except for spotty wifi and my paragraph edits aren’t working, so this post won’t look exactly right.)

“It’s never too late to become empowered” she said.

Well, thank you very much for that unwanted opinion.
At 6:15 a.m., I was the first one in line when the Amtrak Station opened up.
I’m on my way to Santa Barbara to meet my son/DIL and have a little camping and hiking vacation. This is something that tugboat man and I had been looking forward to, but alas, he was called back to work immediately upon arriving home, so I decided to be a BRAVE princess and venture forth into the big scary world all by myself.
What was I thinking??
Confession: I’m not much of a traveler. Although I do travel alone from time to time, mostly tugboat man and I are together and he takes care of everything and all I do is stand here or sit there and do as I’m instructed, moving from point A to point B.  It works out better that way for both of us if he takes the lead. I mean, he’s so GOOD at it, and it reduces my stress level (and his) if he does all the thinking.
But this adventure is all my own.
My son’s dad picked me up a little before 5:45 a.m. to give me a ride to the train station, which is why I was there bright and early at 6:15.
I had many questions for the Amtrak employee:
1. Where do I go?
2. Where will the train be?
3. How will I know it’s the right one?
4. Where will I sit?
5. Where will my son pick me up?
6. Where will I find my suitcase?
7. Will you lose my luggage?
I explained to her that I never travel alone and I’ve only taken the train one time twenty years ago, and that’s when she proceeded to give me a life lesson that I didn’t expect, didn’t ask for, and didn’t really need.
“I never travel alone.”
“Well, you DO travel, don’t you?”
“Yes, but when my husband and I travel, he takes care of everything”
That’s when she said, “It’s never too late to become empowered”
I have to admit her tone was ever-so-slightly snarky, and this was corroborated by the nice young man from the United States Marine Corps (whom I have attached myself to for dear life).
He was standing next to me listening to all of my questions and I believe that he felt sorry for me (reminded him of his mom) and felt like he was performing in the intereste of our national security to guide me on the train when it arrived, and now we’re sitting next to each other.
He’s on leave for Memorial Day to his family ranch in Los Osos.
Of course, I thanked him for his service and I must say that I feel very safe and in good hands until my son collects me from Baggage lol.
Stress level is high, but if I could make my way SOLO to Goettingen, Germany to stalk visit my son while he was there for his junior year abroad, I can certainly sit on a train for four hours with my own personal USMC escort, dontcha think?
After all, like I keep telling my Angel Boy, that umbilical cord will stretch, but will never evereverever BREAK.
There isn’t a place on earth he can go that I won’t follow.
I know that sounds like a threat, but it’s really not. It’s just a mother’s LOVE.
I stand corrected…an EMPOWERED mother’s love.
Here’s a few pics from the train…
Train1 train2 train3 train4

Magic Mushrooms

Right now we’re waiting for the doorbell to ring announcing our first treat or treaters. So far it’s been a productive Wednesday. We woke up about 6:30, checked emails, watched a bit of news, had a cup of coffee. The captain likes homemade granola with coconut milk, but I don’t usually eat anything first thing in the morning. I checked FlightTracker to make sure that my son’s Jet Blue flight to Boston departed on time, which it had.  Since Amtrak is still down, he’ll have a hard time getting to New Haven; I’m a little concerned about that. I’m too far away to come to the rescue.

The captain and I discussed our day’s plans. Usually we go to the gym in the morning, but today I had other ideas for exercise. When the captain’s home, I work him half to death on projects that I can’t do when I’m alone. I really wanted to go to Mountain Meadow Mushrooms in Escondido. They have free mushroom compost which is supposed to be awesome for gardens and I want to get ours ready for winter veggies. This business was featured on Mike Rowe‘s Dirty Jobs show (Mushroom Farmer).

It’s about 25 minutes or so from where we live.  The compost is in huge piles; you fill your own containers or truck for free, although they have a loader there for larger amounts, but I’m not sure of the cost.

We got our shovels out and started working! I just took a break to take the pic.

Lots of flies! Mushrooms are actually embedded in all the stinky compost!

From the parking lot, this is the beautiful view of the Daley Ranch, a great place to hike.

Back at home, we he immediately unloaded and prepared to rototill.

Good news for a mom. My son made it to New Haven. Happy Halloween everyone!