Daytime TV Chat

Whilst recuperating from a surgical procedure when I couldn’t do much more than recline on the sofa for a couple of days, I turned on the TV around noon, which I rarely do. (I realize that I’m not from the UK but I LOVE the word “whilst”.)

I watched a couple of episodes of Emergency! starring Julie London as RN Dixie McCall, Bobby Troup (Dr. Joe Early), and Robert Fuller (Dr. Brackett), along with Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe as the firemen/paramedics.

A Jack Webb production, Emergency! first aired in 1972. I remember watching with my RN mom and she’d always narrate the medical parts to amuse me.

It’s a great show. The story revolves around Squad 51 of the LA County Fire Department’s newly created Paramedical Rescue Service. Filmed in semi-documentary style, the actors take on a series of life-or-death challenges with the medical staff at Rampart Emergency Hospital.

It appeared to me that there was some sort of a vague subplot, like an undercurrent or whisper of unrequited romance between the characters played by London and Fuller. There was some flirtatious banter and their characters teased a more than a professional relationship outside of the hospital; at least that’s the feeling I got.

I did a little Google research like I always do and was surprised to learn that Julie London and the actor that plays the other main doctor, Bobby Troup (Dr. Early), were married in real life. London was a former torch singer known for sultry, languid contralto vocals, and Troup was a jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter.

I had no idea that he wrote the song “Route 66”, one of my faves by Nat King Cole. Did you know that?

Anyway, Adam-12 is on now, so I gotta go.

I can’t believe I never heard her before. Now I’m obsessed.

This is such a cool chat with Randolph Mantooth: