Yummy Hummy Mummy

Anyone participating in World Naked Gardening Day?


Well, I’m not either, that’s for sure.

I’m moving furniture, shampooing carpets, channeling Cinderella, and obsessing over the only full nest at Casa de Enchanted Seashells.

My little yummy hummy mummy is doing what most animals do naturally — be an attentive and protective mother.



In the late afternoon sunlight, I removed the screen in the dining room window and leaned all the way out to capture the iridescence.



Have you ever seen a hummingbird stay almost perfectly still for more than two minutes?

I set up the tripod and took some video of her nest sitting, blinking her little eyes, and swaying in the breeze.

There’s a bit of shake (sorry) but the tripod was in a precarious position on top of a bench in order to get the best angle.

When she first started building the nest, I waited until she flew away in order to reinforce the chimes with twine to make sure they’d support the extra weight and not fall down,

YouTube video:

(And congrats to Princess Kate for giving birth to a royal little girl! )


Lamar and Khloe, Is Kourtney Pregnant, Joe Francis Goes to Jail, Kate Lost Her Baby Weight

What just happened? How did I just waste an hour (OK, almost two hours) of my precious time?

I came home from the gym — still wearing this hateful removable cast — started physical therapy but I still am prohibited from any weight-bearing exercises which means no push ups, but I’ve started lifting weights again — I mean, who wants flabby, flappy arms, right?

I have a couple hours before my hair appointment, so I was responding to all the nice people who liked and commented on my previous post, and the next thing I knew, I was deep into TMZ and HuffPost Celebrity Gossip.

I confess that I wasn’t just scanning the headlines; I went the extra mile and started reading  the comments. This was a downward spiral – I mean, we’re talking people who REALLY don’t have anything more productive to do — but I was right there with them, so I’m just as pathetic, don’t you agree?

Then I clicked on all the pictures; Lamar Odom was sweating so that means he must still be on crack or meth or whatever, Kourtney Kardashian showed her stomach so that means she’s preggers with #3 by that guy she treats so poorly, Joe Francis is pleading with the judge to keep him out of jail again, and Princess Catherine looks amazing. But she always looks amazing, and her shirt is kinda loose, so we can’t get up close and personal with her stretched-out baby belly. Yet there are haterz out there, but I hope she knows that haterz gonna hate, and that it doesn’t ruin her day. As if it could, sheesh.

Oh, and to make this even worse, I was watching Judge Judy at the same time. And not a new episode, I was watching a rerun that I had already seen.

OK, I was also watching Hazel (sixties sitcom about a maid), switching back and forth with the remote.

Yeah, I’ve hit rock bottom. When my tugboat man calls tonight and asks me what I did with my day, you can be sure that I won’t reveal my descent into banality.