Stop All The Scrunchie Shaming!


I’ve had just about enough of this abuse.

I confess.

I’m here to out myself. but I’m still hiding behind dark shades (Chanel, of course).

I’m an addict.

I’ve tried to change.

I really have.

Not a day goes by that I don’t wish and hope and pray that I could be strong enough to resist temptation, but I’m weak.

I NEED it to tame my mane.
I mean, LOOK at me, would ya? My hair has a mind of its own.

When I was growing up in pink toe shoes and tutus and my hair was properly braided and beribboned every morning, how could I possibly foresee what the future would bring?

There was no crystal ball to warn me of the impending appearance of those colorful fabric-wrapped elastic bands that would be my crack.

I lack strength; I’m powerless.

(This is tougher than I thought it would be.)

I won’t — I can’t– hide my addiction one more minute.

The truth is that I wear a SCRUNCHIE every. single. day.

I can’t get through the day without one. Or two.


Just to keep it close and handy.

scrunchie1In fact, I have one on my wrist right now, AS I’M TYPING THIS POST.

Don’t even THINK about trying to wrestle it away from me.

Red or blue or purple; I carry extras in my handbags JUST IN CASE I LOSE ONE.

Us girls with SUPER curly and thick hair need a big fattie scrunchie to tame our wild beasty locks.


You know what?

I’ve had friends who’ve staged spontaneous interventions to help me confront my love for the scrunchie.

I’ve had friends pull them out of my hand and toss them in the trash.

Friends have gifted me all sorts of other hair bands and a variety of products to secure my crazy hair.

I’ve been bribed with lunch and unlimited wine if I don’t show up wearing a scrunchie.

“It ruins your outfit” they say.

“You look like a reject from the nineties”, they say.

Apparently, it’s embarrassing to be seen with a scrunchie-wearer.


I LOVE my scrunchies.



No other form of securing my tresses will satisfy me:

  • A scrunchie doesn’t pull my hair
  • A scrunchie doesn’t create unsightly lines
  • A scrunchie doesn’t hurt at night when I have to pull my hair back or braid it so I won’t look like Medusa in the morning
  • And Cosmo says it’s a “must have” for oral sex, so it must be true

I feel so much better having confessed my secret addiction.

It’s a huge load off my chest. I feel light and free.

So deal with it, world.

From this day forward, I’m out, I’m loud, and I’m a PROUD scrunchie-wearer!

My stash.

My stash.

Just be glad it’s not a banana clip. Hee hee.

20 thoughts on “Stop All The Scrunchie Shaming!

  1. I dunno. I wear’em. My granddaughter wears’em. All her long-haired friends wear them too. So … who is out of style? I know I don’t live in fashion central, but still … I have scrunchies everywhere, in case I need a quick fix.

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  2. I have some scrunches but with my fine straight oily hair, they don’t work as well as banana clips, so that’s what I wear! You are not your scrunchies. I am not my banana clips.

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  3. Cosmo says it’s a must have for oral sex? Must have been a slow news day! LOL. Funny I was just thinking the other day that I wished the scrunchy was in style because it is much nicer on the hair. You would think someone would have come up with a gentle streamlined hair elastic by now.

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  4. To the scrunchie haters out there…what and ever! I don’t wear them often because my hair is super straight and super fine, but sometimes it’s all that will do. Like when I need my hair out of my face for awhile but don’t want to put those nasty lines in it because I need to wear it straight later. And those little no ouchie elastics? What a waste! I can usually get MAYBE two uses out of them before they break. Scrunchie wearers…carry on!!! 🙂

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      • Do you have any idea how I LONGED for thick, curly hair? Mine is so straight that there have been times years ago that I went through the nightmare of perming, just to have to fall stick straight two weeks later. It’s a curse. I hated it then, but have come to terms with it now. Mostly.

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      • And I thought MY hair was a curse, no one took me seriously, everyone thought I was WILD cos I have wild hair, so I straightened it, but then I did some modeling and a photog told me that my strength and power was in my unique hair, so I let it go back to being natural. It was a really awesome thing to say, gave me a lot of confidence. At least in those pics you can’t see how much I need my roots done lol!


  5. Wear whatever you want! I must admit though that the last time I had scrunchies was in the early 90s. Had a huge collection. I use banana clips now or Goody spin pin. But I think I’m gonna dig up my scrunchies. Just so you know, posh girls in the UK still wear them. Hahaha. Have a lovely weekend x

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