To Capture the Sparkle…and FAIL

During my recent period of enforced lack of strenuous physical activity, I tried to solve one of my major dilemmas; how to take a photo that successfully captures the sparkle of a rhinestone or a diamond or glitter. It’s so HARD!

Every photo I had previously taken seemed flat and lifeless. My research revealed it has a lot to do with aperture and lighting so I set up a little impromptu photo shoot with the correct lighting and my Canon for some experimentation.

I can’t honestly say that these pics look any better. None of them really capture the play of light or the vibrant colors that glint off the sparkly stones. I have no idea what I did wrong, but it was a fun diversion even though I didn’t achieve success.

This princessy sparkle-encrusted goblet is my newest special purchase and the beverage isn’t pink champagne, it’s my fave cayenne kombucha.

Here are the results…I’m trying something different because I seem to have reached my photo limit on WP. This is an embed by Imgur.

5 thoughts on “To Capture the Sparkle…and FAIL

  1. What a fun glass! And yes, taking a sparkly photo isn’t as easy as it looks. You need some really bright light, like the sun or a halogen light. I sometimes grab my little two-dollar LED flashlight from Home Depot (one that runs on 3 AAA batteries) and play around with it for lighting. And the faster the shutter speed, the better. Yeah, the amount of data for photos and other media here on WP isn’t a lot. I always resize my pictures so they take up less data. (Years ago when I put pictures online during dial-up days, I learned about adjusting size and quality).


  2. That doesn’t look very comfortable to hold…. When Tiffany’s had an exhibit in out town, I happened to view it while waiting for my entrance time into another exhibit. So many diamonds! The photos showed a glow around each piece because there was so much light refraction by the jewels. You’d probably have better results if the glass was covered in diamonds! 😉 I hope your foot is healing up.

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