To Capture the Sparkle…and FAIL

During my recent period of enforced lack of strenuous physical activity, I tried to solve one of my major dilemmas; how to take a photo that successfully captures the sparkle of a rhinestone or a diamond or glitter. It’s so HARD!

Every photo I had previously taken seemed flat and lifeless. My research revealed it has a lot to do with aperture and lighting so I set up a little impromptu photo shoot with the correct lighting and my Canon for some experimentation.

I can’t honestly say that these pics look any better. None of them really capture the play of light or the vibrant colors that glint off the sparkly stones. I have no idea what I did wrong, but it was a fun diversion even though I didn’t achieve success.

This princessy sparkle-encrusted goblet is my newest special purchase and the beverage isn’t pink champagne, it’s my fave cayenne kombucha.

Here are the results…I’m trying something different because I seem to have reached my photo limit on WP. This is an embed by Imgur.