It’s always a good time for peace and quiet, what I’ve started to refer to as “soul-itude”.

I need solitude, which is to say, recovery, return to my self, the breath of a free, light, playful air. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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I can’t say that I ever read Neitzsche before my son wrote his dissertation, but this quote reveals to me one of the reasons why Nietzsche resonates with him. Like me, my son loves to be outside; hiking, camping, or in the garden — planting, pruning, and thinking.

Where do you find YOUR soul-itude?

2 thoughts on “Soul-itude

  1. I am a fan of Nietzsche as you may know and his wisdom. My solitude can be an internal moment of centering regardless of where I am, but most often in the quiet of my bedroom meditating. Some days I find it difficult to reach solitude. I guess because of the noise in my head. External noises not so much.

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    • Agree, the noise in our heads tend to drown out other things. I guess that’s why it’s called a practice, cos we keep trying, right? We didn’t have many German authors on our bookshelves growing up (or German music) cos everybody hated them for their genocide and it was kind of an unspoken boycott I think. When my son majored in German language and literature, it was a shock but also a bridge.

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