Near Death Experience

This is a cautionary tale to be diligent, alert, and always pay attention when you’re doing something as simple as walking…

Since we’re between storms, this was a beautiful morning for a walk. As I headed toward the beach, there’s an intersection with a four-way stop. (For those of you who know Carlsbad, it’s Chinquapin and Adams.)

At the time I safely proceeded to cross at the crosswalk, there were no cars. As I was almost all the way across the street, three-quarters of the way to the other side, a small-ish SUV caught my eye because the car didn’t seem to be slowing down to stop at the stop sign and I was directly in the line of fire.

It seemed as if she was planning to roll through the stop sign and hit me!

I stopped, yelled “HEY!” as loud as I could, which got her attention and she screeched to a halt, inches away from me.

She looked extremely flustered, surprised and guilty; proof that she had absolutely not seen me. I know I’m small, but I’m not invisible. Sheesh.

After that, I emitted a few dozen choice words and tried to get her license number as she sped off but not before I saw that she had a photo of a baby hanging from her rear view mirror. She was a mom and might have even put her child in harm’s way.

That’s a close enough call with death for one day, or at least a close call with a potentially painful accident.

The moral of the story is to stay alert and don’t trust that a driver will pay attention or even obey simple rules of the road.

Anyway, I’d like to thank my guardian angels for protecting me one more time!

6 thoughts on “Near Death Experience

  1. I react similarly to you. Rather than make a dramatic dive to safety I stop and yell and I can yell loudly. (I think I was made for the stage where microphones would not be necessary.) One time though I almost got myself in big trouble when I was waiting for the bus on a corner and two fellows probably around the 20’s ran into the intersection fighting. And I mean really going at it. I yelled in my stage voice – STOP!- and they did for the moment and then appeared to both be coming after me. My bus arrived at that moment and now I am much more cautious!!

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    • I had a split second decision to make, maybe I should have let her hit me and sued for millions, but I used my LOUDEST voice like you did! I don’t usually engage with people like that nowadays, the tendency for others to be violent is a real fear and Im more cautious too, but this time I hope she learned a lesson about stopping at stop signs!


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