Hot Boy Toy Eye Candy Crushes (In Retaliation)


Hello? Generic? Too busy to call me, huh? I guess the honeymoon’s over. Geez.

I’ve obviously become a NON-priority to the tugboat man.

In that case, I’ll devote the remainder of this post to my hot boy toy eye candy crushes and wait for my tugboat man to remember he has a wife and call me.

Is that too much to ask? Yes, I know he isn’t just vacationing out there on the high seas and that the work he’s doing, towing a four hundred foot barge loaded with heavy equipment from here to there, might be a TAD distracting…but still, a princess expects certain things from her tugboat man. “Too busy to call?” NOT good, Captain, not good at all.

This is Day 30: These kind of ocean-going assignments have no particular end date. There’s only an approximate date by which he should be relieved by another captain. It’s not like some mariners who are on a fixed rotation of two weeks on and two weeks off. Whether he’s voyaging across the Atlantic (not fun in the winter) or over to Korea, Guam, or even Russia– or south to the Gulf of Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, and through the Panama Canal — Africa even — I’m left twisting in the wind, eternally waiting for the return of my tugboat man.

High winds on the high seas — that’s a major cause of a slow down. A tugboat “in tow” (a maritime term) is the definition of danger. There are other factors that contribute to a delayed return like this; crewing issues, additional requests by the contracted company — but it’s all the same to me –no ride to the airport to pick up my  BFF.

Done with that rant..time to move on to something positive:


ct-ent-beck-bennett-1.jpg-20130130I gotta be honest with y’all. I don’t normally notice other men on the street or on the beach   — not in the “oh he’s so hot way” — cos really, my captain’s ALL THAT,  if you know what I mean, but I have the mostest majorest crush on the ATT guy, you know, the guy in the “It’s Not Complicated” storyline.

His name’s Beck Bennett (is that his real name?)
Click here to read all about him. He’s so funny and slightly snarky at the same time. Just my type…The ad campaign is so delightful and fresh — I wish I had thought of it.

And then there’s Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald and Ed Westwick, Chuck Bass. I am fully aware these two babies are younger than my son — SO WHAT!
Just look at Chace…he’s looking RIGHT AT ME. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!
Ed’s thinking about something I said late last night.


I’d still crush on Johnny Depp if he still looked like this  – YUMMY


…but his bad teeth and poor dental hygiene gross me out. Floss, Johnny, FLOSS!
johnny-depp-teeth-3I used to totes luv Brad Pitt, but the way he discarded Jennifer got him crossed off my list. Plus, I heard he doesn’t bathe on a regular basis, so there’s that whole hygiene thing again… well, maybe I’d make an exception if he walked toward me looking like this, right?brad_pitt_sexyor this…brad-pitt-vs-aiswarya-rai-

My last crush is Max Greenfield — SCHMIDT! — of New Girl.
Best smile, best Jewish boy body on TV. We luvs us some Schmidt!
max greenfield


P.S. At one time, my tugboat man looked just a little bit like this, I mean if I squinted, in the dark, with the right lighting. Yup, there’s a definite for real slight resembance of my captain about twenty-five years ago when we met.

THIS IS AN UPDATE: I forgot to add that I THINK I saw Chace Crawford hiking in Laguna Hills about a year ago, but I was too freaked out to say anything — ME, the big mouth!  I don’t have any confirmation it was, but I had a FEELING. I was all like…

“Hey tugboat man, don’t you think that guy with the other guy that just walked by us was that guy I LUV from Gossip Girl?” “Rosebud, I’m not looking.” “No, just look for me, ‘cos I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure.”
“There is no way I’m doing that. YOU go and ask him if you think it is.” “Well, I don’t want to be wrong and if it’s not, I’ll feel like an idiot. Make that an OLD idiot!” Anyway, I really think it was and that’s the end of THAT story. Whoever it was — he was BEAUTIFUL. Sigh.


Holla! to Pinterest

Of late, I’ve been shamefully neglectful of my Pinterest boards. I know you’re all out there, organizing and pinning and repinning and following and liking.

He's soo dreamy!

He’s soo dreamy!

I even know what you like best about my own Pinterest site (click to visit) and that would be  my NUMBER ONE pin: Ed Westwick, who so briliiantly portrayed Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl — and Owls.

Saw-whet owls

Yes, owls are a fave amongst my pinning pals! And animals in general, which makes me happy, ‘cos I’m a huge animal lover.

Pinterest now has created Group Boards that one can be invited to join and pin to, but what kind of freaks me out in a slightly squinchy way are my MALE pinners. I just don’t get the appeal for a guy. I’m not at all sexist, but the two males I asked — my tugboat man and my son —  said they would never in a zillion years have any interest in Pinterest. Sorry for all you guys that do, but in my own little world, the answer is NO WAY. All I got was a “let me see those In the Tube surfingsurfing pics” and then they walked away, shaking their heads.

Although…I got a little snarky comment under his breath from my tugboat man, something along the lines of…”must be nice to have so much time to waste on crap” but when I demanded that he repeat what he said, he changed it to, “That was a delicious dinner, my love” but don’t you worry, I heard it. Yes, it’s a waste of time. I agree. But it’s also very addictive.

Click on my Chanel board. Very aspirational, don’t you agree?

Chanel surfboards

OMG, this is an amazeballs seashell wedding cake, isn’t it?

Unique-Beach-Wedding-Cake-IdeasDoesn’t it make you want to get married all over again? Hmmm. Ya know, I’ve been thinking about planning a vow renewal for our big #20 wedding anniversary next February. Pinterest is the perfect place to organize themes and ideas.

Now if I could only PIN my tugboat man down to actually being at the same latitude/longitude as me, maybe it’ll happen!

This isn’t my mariner nor his tug, but it’s a good example of the kind of work he does. 

Tug and barge

Call me maybe

February 20, 1994weddingpicwithed

Today’s our 19th wedding anniversary!

Here’s a picture from our wedding. That’s not my tugboat man; it’s Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass. Handsome guy, huh? Dreamy…sigh.

Nineteen years ago –WOW– it seems like it was only yesterday.  I remember looking everywhere for a wedding gown and I found that one at a thrift store–what a treasure! It was ten dollars. I couldn’t believe my luck. It looked like it had never been worn. It was exactly what I had envisioned; romantic, lacy, old-fashioned.

My girlfriend worked for a floral warehouse and her gift to me was that magnificent bouquet and all the wedding flowers.

It was a really lovely day.

Our house landline rang at 7:00 a.m. this morning. It was the princess phonecaptain calling from his sat phone to wish me a happy anniversary!

I haven’t heard his voice since he left and it was a special treat to have a real conversation.

With all the technology we take for granted in our day-to-day lives, it’s amazing to think that there are still places that don’t have full access to incessant communication.

I’m kinda used to delayed celebrations and I know we’ll make up for it when he returns so I’m not too sad.  I’ll just keep the champs on ice a bit longer, that’s all!

I always try to put a positive spin on situations like this–to think about it as something to look forward to, not something I’m missing or deprived of. Glass half full and all that.


50 First Dates and Groundhog Day…the story of my life

You know in Groundhog Day how the same thing happened over and over again and in 50 First Dates, every day is brand new for Drew Barrymore‘s character and she can’t remember Adam Sandler from one day to another? Well…I feel like that’s me in both cases! I don’t suffer from short-term memory loss….but I am only 5 ft. tall, so that’s short, right? So here I am going to pick up the captain from the airport AGAIN, baking his faves AGAIN, picking out a cute outfit to wear AGAIN, and in general commencing to become his SLAVE (I mean tug boat captain/surf wife) AGAIN. Am I doomed to live the same day over and over again? The reunion at the airport is 5o First Dates all over again; sometimes I actually drive right by him and don’t know it ’til my cell phone rings and I stop to answer it and he says, “You went right by me…AGAIN! Didn’t you see me?” “Ummm, sorry, I didn’t know what shirt you were wearing and I didn’t umm….see you.” “How could you not see me?” “I don’t know-uh- I forgot what you look like?” What’s a good answer, quick, if it happens again tomorrow!

Once again the baking marathon has commenced. I have pretty great time management skills and plan to be all finished on my sofa in my lovely silk dressing gown with a glass of wine at 9pm for GOSSIP GIRL! I don’t really give a rat’s ass if the show’s demographics don’t include me; I am a devotee, a fan, and I totes crush on Chuck Bass! Holla!

Captain always tells me not to go to such trouble for him, he is just glad to be home, blah, blah, blah, but you know how guys are-if I didn’t make a big deal out of his homecoming, he’d be all mopey and sad and then he’d be all like, “What do you do with all your free time while I’m gone, the least you could do is make some granola or sumpin!” They are such big babies. Gotta love ’em. Plus, it helps to butter him up (literally) to get that Chanel 2.55 I’ve been drooling over. Christmas and Hannukah are right around the corner and we celebrate both!

The oatmeal cookies are my standard recipe from a previous post, only I used a bit of lemon zest and a teaspoon of lemon juice in addition to vanilla ‘cos I’m out of oranges, which I usually use. The lemon is a good substitute; balmy and odorous, and is spectacular with a cup of Yogi Antioxident Green Tea.

For Maracella’s Book Ends who commented about my lack of description of the pastry from yesterday, (which in all honesty, I ate so fast, I don’t even remember what it was) here’s my impression of the oatmeal cookies. With my eyes closed, I inhale the aroma of warm oats and raisins tinged with a fresh lemon fragrance enhanced by the loving embrace of cinnamon-y overtones. I’m salivating as I contemplate the cosmic crisp but chewy roundness so evocative of autumn;  coming home from school with rosy red cheeks and starving, to be greeted by my smiling apron-wearing mom and plate of freshly baked cookies accompanied by a glass of ice cold milk. Nothing like getting the juices flowing and remembering that I have a  minor in Creative Writing! I may not be able to write a dissertation mostly auf Deutsch about Walter Benjamin, but I have my moments.

I also made Overnight French Bread, granola, and a One Bowl Chocolate CakeThis is the recipe I used but I just noticed that I totally forgot the oil which I had already measured out and the cake is incredibly delish, so maybe the oil’s not needed??

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup cooking oil (or not:)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 egg

Add all ingredients in one bowl. Mix at medium speed for about two minutes. That’s it! Too easy. Pour into 9×9 pan or one cake pan and bake at 350 degrees for about thirty minutes.  I topped mine with Chocolate Frosting.

Anyone want to volunteer to help clean my kitchen?