Meet Vegan Handbag Company, Angela & Roi

Vegan cheese, vegan meat substitute, veggie dogs, now vegan leather has come a long way from the days of pleather.

There’s nothing more I love to do than to support an ethical business, and especially one who makes handbags (one of my favorite accessories!) with vegan leather.

Angela & Roi is a luxurious yet accessible online handbag brand with a ‘Donate by Color‘ social mission.

By innovating traditional channels, utilizing vegan leather, and engaging with customers directly, they’re able to create high quality and luxurious handbags at a revolutionary price point, while supporting cancer and disease fighters in a unique way.

Learn more at

P.S. I was sent an email about this company but have received no compensation nor product. This post is merely informational.

The Sunday Black Tote supports Melanoma fighters! Plus, the bag is made of 100% animal-free materials in fair practice setting

V Chain Cross-body


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The Art and Practice of Compassion in Action

On February 20, more than one thousand bloggers are speaking with one voice about compassion — to share our belief that together we CAN rid the world of brutality, cruelty, hatred,, indifference, meanness, tyranny, animosity — the opposite of compassion. 

calendulacompassion“…sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.”

You know what I think?

Being compassionate should not end there.

It’s not good enough to simply FEEL pity and concern, but we need to DO something about the suffering in this world.

  • Take ACTION to PREVENT brutality.
  • Take ACTION to STOP abuse and pain.
  • Take ACTION by educating our children.
  • TEACH kindness for all creatures.
  • Become better stewards of our planet.

That means NO puppy mills, no circuses with animals as entertainment, no SeaWorld, no elephant rides, no camel rides, no dolphin slaughter, no factory farm hell, no running of the bulls, no bullfighting, no cat and dog ritual torture and eating, no dogfighting,

And especially NO wolf killing and NO coyote or bobcat or mountain lion killing contests.
We are better than this.
I hope…

I’m sick of hearing about babies killed and tossed in dumpsters, children who are abused and starved, football players who beat their wives, their children, their dogs — I’m sick of it all.

Practice cruelty-free living.

I have much admiration for Jen at Driftwood Gardens, who, as a fresh convert to veganism, is a shining light educating the world about the merits of living cruelty-free.

My story is that I’ve been meat-free since 1970, but only recently learned about the horrors of dairy, and now I’m practicing being successfully dairy and egg-free.

If you want to start your own practice of compassion in action, watch Eathlings, a film with Joaquin Phoenix, at

In fact, STOP all killing of animals. How’s that?World ME

That’s MY perfect world.

That’s the legacy I’d be honored to leave for my son.