Hiking through the Daley Ranch

My tugboat man is gone, and I’m left with an empty house and the debris and detritus from his departure: the cardboard box from his toothpaste on the floor, tossed in haste–the same for the dental floss packaging–clothes not taken strewn about–all in all, a gargantuan mess.

No matter how many lists he makes, sometimes things are left behind. He realized when we got to the airport that he forgot his watch– this time he was lucky, he’ll have time (ha ha, I made a joke) to buy one before he’s underway.

Now comes the period of adjustment to being half of a whole; he’s going to be traveling to another continent while I wait for him to return. Sigh.

Hold on a minute…do I feel the urge for some retail therapy coming on? Oh yes, I do! All is good. There’s nothing that a little shopping can’t make better. Right? Right!

Yesterday we went for a three-hour hike in one of my favorite spots: the Daley Ranch in Escondido. While it was overcast and drizzly near the coast, Escondido is inland where it’s usually always warm and sunny. We took the Sage Trail all the way up to Stanley Peak

This is an especially lovely time of year with the ceanothus in bloom.  Ceanothus blooms are rich in saponins, which produce lather when rubbed with some water; basically ceanothus flowers make soap. It really works! Try it for yourself! Pick a handful of flowers, add a little water, and rub your hands together.

Ramona Lilac Ceanothus

Ramona lilac ceanothus Lilac ceanothus

As you can see off in the distance, it was a very hazy day near the coast.

Stanley peak

White Lilac Ceanothus

white lilac ceanothus

The Ranch House

Daley Ranch House

A forest of Monkey Flower, a California Native