Ten Things of Thankful: 2015 Edition

At midnight, one year fluidly poured into another just like that first and second and last drop of champagne.

Before the whisperings — the chimera in my brain — wander too far to recover, I’ll participate in the Ten Things of Thankful.

I’m not very good at this gratitude thing; it feels all scratchy like a wooly sweater that I can’t wait to take off.

HOWEVER, I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone for just a second – read quick before it’s gone forever, ‘cos I’m way better at whining about ten things than anything else.

I’m thankful for…

1…my son’s miraculous recovery from a hellish and freaky tragedy that left him without three feet of intestines (TMI?)

2…the fact that he didn’t need a colostomy bag!! (TMI again?)

3…my tugboat man being home for the holidays

4…being married to the nicest and most patient human EVER

5…living near the ocean

5…sunshine, rain, and snow

6…winning at Scrabble not one, but two times!



10…the promise of a fresh new year

Angel Boy at ten months with his favorite toy, 

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Thankful Thaturday: Ten Things of Thankful

1326892407_clip-art-shell-beach-clip-art-pearl-wallpaper-1400x1050I don’t often, (I really mean hardly EVER) participate in hops or join groups of bloggers writing about the same subject, including gratitude, but I met a new friend online, Lizzi Rogers, who writes at  Considerings, and she inspired me to share a list of ten things for which I’m thankful.

Here’s an extra one…Thank you for your kind invitation to share my Ten Things of Thankful.

Considering that my personal planet shifted on April 28 when I received That Dreaded Call at 3AM, causing me to fly  (literally) across the country to be at my son’s side in the hospital, living there 24/7 for about two weeks while he underwent emergency surgery,  helped to pack up his office at Yale (he’s a professor) and brought him back to California to recuperate — two days after I got home, I had to take my tugboat man hub to the airport ON MY BIRTHDAY to begin a month-long assignment — AND two days after THAT, I began to see sparkles in my eye that had nothing to do with diamonds, that was a very mean signal that I had a retinal tear for which I had laser surgery to repair (successfully). Whew! That was ONE LONG SENTENCE,  but hardly worthy of a Faulknerian comparison.

Oh, and my lovely MacAir exhibits the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH so I’m on a very old but still functioning Lenovo laptop, which leads me to my first of TEN THINGS OF THANKFUL

1. I turned 60 on May 14, and I am old but still functioning, just like that old Lenovo.

2. My very painful laser surgery to protect my retina from further damage in my left eye was a SUCCESS!

3. I didn’t lose any sight, even peripheral vision is totally intact.

4. My absentee mariner husband sent me a box of presents — because he is AWESOME and makes me happy even in absentia.

5. There’s nothing more fun than shopping, except for knowing that very same plastique has the ability to purchase an obscenely expensive ticket to fly that very same day 3,000 miles to the East coast (actually two tickets, ‘cos hub came with me).

6. I’m VERY THANKFUL that my DIL refused to leave my son’s side in the ER and insisted they admit him, and that action actually SAVED HIS LIFE.

7. I’m glad that I listened to my RN mom who told me to never leave anyone’s side when they’re in the hospital and she taught me how to be a VERY ASSERTIVE patient advocate.

8. After a brief setback with a couple of infections that responded to antibiotics, my son will have a full recovery from major abdominal surgery, so every day is a wonderful day, because it was touch and go for a while and I don’t even want to think about what could have happened.

9. The eye surgeon told me I can start going back to the gym and resume my work out routine of boot camp, weight lifting, yoga, and Pilates.

10. My wonderful tugboat man is coming home this week! (Hopefully, saying it doesn’t jinx it. You can never be sure until he’s on the plane.)

And now I’m on my way to the Genius Bar at the best Apple Store ever, located in the same shopping center as Anthropologie! Hopefully, the black screen of death is a simple fix. Fingers crossed.