Boys DO Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses. Oh YES, They DO.

Kate Spade glasses2

Newsflash: Eyeglasses are the new aphrodisiac.

Sasssy and sexxxxy in a slightly librarian-beeyotchy way. 

That describes both me AND my new Kate Spade glasses, don’t you agree?

Aren’t those polka dots TDF?

And the hair? It looks like my head had a curl explosion.
Oopsie, it seems as if the picture on the wall behind me is slightly askew; my OCD side will fix it immediately, since I clearly have no control over my hair.

And yes, that IS my enchanting bathroom, and no, I’m not wearing any makeup.

Kate Spade glassesIt’s a different world now than when I first needed to wear glasses. Back then, it tolled the death knell if you aspired at all to be a popular gal and hang out with the cool kids.

I was continually taunted with.such witticisms as,  “Hey, Coke-bottle‘s here. Ha Ha.”

Not so funny to be the target of mean girls. 

I couldn’t wait to be old enough to wear contact lenses.

But now, wearing glasses is just another important fashion accessory, not a signal to the world that the wearer is a bookish nerd, not that there’s anything wrong with that!


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44 thoughts on “Boys DO Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses. Oh YES, They DO.

  1. Your hair is amazing!
    I have a pair of Kate Spade reading glasses I love. They are purple and make me as happy as reading glasses can.


  2. I don’t like wearing glasses possibly because I always have, but I think other people wearing them are very sexy. You look hot. And TBM (tugboat man) will love them! Talk to you tonight. 🙂


  3. Love your new glasses! You are so beautiful even without makeup! I remember the days when it was horrible if you wore glasses (I had glasses on my face almost from birth because I was born with a defect in one eye, five surgeries later by the time I was 12 & I could finally ditch the glasses). Now I love wearing my glasses. When I went to pick my last frames, I said to the girl, if I’m going to go back to wearing glasses, I want them to stand out on my face, not just blend in.


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