Tough truths from Jeff Brown.

Someone– I can’t remember exactly who it was–shared these words with me, and they resonated. Deeply.

I don’t often post words written by others, but his thoughts are so much what’s on my own mind lately, so I will because he expressed it more succinctly than I ever could have, which is saying, something ‘cos he’s a guy and all… I don’t know much about his writings, but he considers himself a grounded spiritualist.

Jeff Brown…

It’s up to you- its always up to you. You can deny, repress, distort, and bury your unresolved wounds all you want. You can re-frame them, pseudo-positivity them, detach from them, spiritual bypass them. You can re-name yourself, hide away in a monastery, turn your story around. And you can spend all your money on superficial healing practices and hocus-pocus practitioners. But it won’t mean a damn thing, if you don’t do the deeper work to excavate and heal your primary wounds. Because the material is still there, right where you left it, ruling your life and controlling your choices. This is the nature of unhealed material- it is alive, and one way or the other, it will manifest itself in your lived experience. It will language your inner narrative. It will obstruct your path and limit your possibilities. It lives everywhere that you live. And so you have to decide- excavate it and bring it into consciousness where it can be worked through and integrated, or repress it and watch it rule your life. It’s one of the hardest truths we have to face: If we don’t deal with our stuff, it deals with us. There is no way around this. Choose.


4 thoughts on “Soulshaping/Shapeshifting/Soulhealing

  1. There is truth in what he writes. (I used to follow him on social media). I stumbled upon a way to address my inner unhealed self that is pretty easy, and makes permanent change quickly. It took trying this and that, and reading and educating myself, following what felt right for me, and sticking with what worked. Its also many people’s reality to repeatedly numb their pain, stuff it down, and go through life being reactionary and unawakened. In fact, that’s the norm. However, people are waking up and are being woken up in droves I believe. I always recommend exploring what captures your interest, what peaks your curiosity, and follow what resonates and works for you.

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      • Thanks. And regarding healing, I’ve shared a lot of my own journey on my Life Is a Journey… blog under posts tagged hypnosis. And my sister blog Remembering My Divinity is solely about healing and the process. A person can work with a therapist to discover and work on their wounded inner child. But I prefer to work with a trans-personal or spiritual hypnotherapist. It’s been much quicker and effective for me. Something a lot of people don’t realize is how our physical issues, aches and pains relate to our wounds inner child. They are often directly related, and practitioners who work somatically focus on healing this physical- mental relationship. Check out the pioneering work of Louise Hay.


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