Not a Nip Slip But…Slip + Fall = Break

Triquetral avulsion fracture.

That’s the name of the break I sustained.xray

I slipped and fell in this ditch Sunday evening in our upper yard as I was looking for coyotes in the hill on the other side of our property.

I was wearing flip flops (not smart) and my hand broke my fall, but then I broke my hand.

SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT…ditchAt first I thought it was just a sprain or torn ligaments, but the pain was really, really bad, so I had it X-rayed and the doc confirmed my suspicions.

I’m in a removable cast for about six weeks — no weightlifting but I can do anything else that doesn’t cause pain.

My hand is super swollen and all bruised up, too.


I might not be able to lift weights, but there’s nothing to prevent me from shopping!

I never did see any coyotes but I snapped a pic of this amazing hawk in our eucalyptus tree.


100 thoughts on “Not a Nip Slip But…Slip + Fall = Break

  1. I’ve heard retail therapy is excellent for healing broken bones. Pretty sure it’s a medical fact, or something. 🙂


  2. I understand how these things can happen before you know it. I actually broke a toe when I fell out of bed. I woke up when I hit the floor, so I have NO idea how it happened! The x-ray techs were quite amused.

    Enjoy the pampering while you recover.


  3. Wow. I’ve had an avulsion of my ankle but never knew it–thought it was just a bad sprain and I let everyone talk me out of going for an x-ray. I hope your hand heals quickly and you’re not in too much pain. Beautiful picture of the hawk. Glad the Captain is home to lend a hand or two.


  4. I get questioned about my choice of footwear often. My Chief-Mate says “are you going to wear those shoes?” until I change them. lol
    Hope you heal fast.


  5. Ouch!
    Hmm… are you secretly the roadrunner? Is that wily coyote getting his revenge finally, after all these years?
    Hope your hand heals up quickly! I think a broken bone requires extra shopping, doesn’t it? You’ll need to accessorize the cast, won’t you?


  6. I fractured the same bone in my right hand a couple years ago. The little piece of bone that fractured off never did re-attach & is now sitting in the bendable part of my wrist where I have a little lump. 6 weeks in a cast, 6 weeks of therapy & I now have a permanent disability according to Workers Compensation. I have trouble opening jars or lifting heavy things. Hope you don’t end up the same way. Once fractured it never really heals the same way again.


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