Boketto: Word of the Day

Boketto is one of those magnificent Japanese words that doesn’t seem to have an exact English translation. 

Boketto is the act of gazing out into the distance with no specific thoughts, to lose oneself in the vast, mindless, horizon. 

I do it a lot, and for me, it’s a sort of trance; a spaced out, zen-like calm and meditative state.

Couldn’t you lose yourself right here above the Salish Sea gazing at the cloud-shrouded Olympic Mountains?


4 thoughts on “Boketto: Word of the Day

  1. I absolutely love the concept of boketto! It’s amazing how a word can capture such a specific feeling and experience. I often find myself gazing out into the distance, lost in thought or simply appreciating the beauty around me. It’s moments like these that bring a sense of calm to my busy mind and remind me to slow down and appreciate the present moment. I’m curious, do other cultures have similar words or concepts that capture this type of experience? It would be fascinating to explore the different ways people around the world experience and appreciate stillness and quiet contemplation.

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