10 reasons why seashells are enchanted

I’m still in the throes of harnessing my inner beeyotch (the lady who slammed on her brakes and made a u-turn in front of me got a taste of that new me) but I took a teensy break to ponder the oft-asked question: Why do I love seashells?

1. Just like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Some are almost perfect twins, but there’s always an individual characteristic if you look close enough.

2. Unlike a snowflake, they don’t disappear.

3. They are all beautiful in color and shape and size.What a treasure!

4. Shells can be worn as jewelry.Abalone necklace with rope work, earrings, pearl bracelet, necklace of polished shell pieces

4. There is appeal in their symmetry and asymmetry.fairshells

5. For me, seashells impart a tangible tactile and visual state of bliss.

6. Shells give birth to episodes of intense creative passions. This is my most recent seashell bouquet; an organic interpretation inspired by a froggy vase acquired at a local thrift shop that helps victims of domestic abuse.newfrogvase

7. Once upon a time, a seashell housed a living creature.

8. Cowry shells were used as currency in China.cowry shell

9. If you love to collect dust, start collecting seashells! They are a dust magnet, prolly their only negative trait.

10. A small grain of sand–a foreign body–inside a seashell grows into a magnificent pearl.  A pearl is an annoyance to the shell,  just exactly like the way I am oftentimes an annoyance to the captain!white-pearl-in-oyster     

Princess Rosebud’s Mermaid Bench


I’ve made a few upgrades to the original by replacing the starfish with huge white scallop shells and the addition of a hot pink polka dot bow.

Now I’m happy.

Picture me sitting in my seashell encrusted bathroom answering your comments and Tweeting!

This is my fantasy world.

Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.



A thin slice of crazy…conversations with my husband

This was a real conversation the captain and I had just before he left on his latest assignment.

“Where’s your Super Glue?”

“What did you break?”

Worth saving, don’t you agree?

“A seashell

“Why don’t you just throw it away?”

“It’s one of my favorites.”

“Who glues seashells, I mean who does that?”

“Why are you giving me a problem about this?”

“Because you have at least a thousand of them that look just like that.”

“Who are you, the seashell police?”

“I mean, really, why glue a broken shell. Who does that?”

“You said that already. You should get some new material. I hear what you’re saying, but I could still use it someday, it came from that dumpster in Nantucket, remember the one that had mounds of scallop shells around it?”

“Oh, right.”

“Yeah and remember it was raining and freezing and I found a plastic bag on the beach and filled it up with shells and wanted to come back with a box and you told me that I had enough and I was bordering the line over to crazy and I said enough was when I had them ALL, and you made me leave, remember?”


He gives me a look.

“Well…if you had let me take as many as I wanted (all of them), I wouldn’t be so attached to this one but you made me leave all of his brothers and sisters behind so I feel obligated to rescue this little guy.”

‘What are you looking like that for? You knew I was like this twenty years ago; it’s not like this is new information. Stop stalling and hand over the glue.”

“Why don’t you use your glue gun?”

“OMG, what is your problem! Cos its not as precise and…geez. why are you giving me such a hard time? Are  you like a prosecuting attorney or something? Maybe you missed your calling; you could quit being a captain and go to law school.”

There’s that look again.

“OK, you are trying my last nerve. Just hand over the glue before you get hurt or you’re not gonna get buckwheat pancakes for breakfast!”

“Here ya go,  just don’t glue your fingers together like you did last time.”

This is what it’s like around here. Do you see why people say we’re like two peas in a pod?

Pretty good repair job, not perfect, but OK.