“Vas ist Los” or “Was geht ab” auf Deutsch

What’s up?

This is just a random post to test the waters with the new WordPress format WHICH I HATE HATE HATE. For me, it’s taking all the fun out of writing. It’s clumsy and NOT user-friendly. 

By now if you have read even a couple of my posts, you know that I am unapologetically a MOM first and foremost. All I ever wanted was to be the mom of one boy, and my wish came true. Not only is he brilliant and kind and a great dad, he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. 

He’s a professor of German language and philosophy. That’s actually what his Yale PhD is called: Germanic Language and Literatures.

At my insistence, he’s been teaching it to Angel Boy 2.0  but it’s harder than it seems. We do refer to raccoons as Waschbär, though, so that’s progress, I guess. 

I don’t speak Deutsch, I do better in French or Spanish, but I used to help when he was first taking German in high school, like conjugating trinken to getruken.

We practiced with 3X5 cards every day until his conversational skills surpassed my ability to decipher even a single word.

When he did his junior year abroad in Goettingen, I visited him (as the good Jewish mommy-drone that I am) and was continually impressed by his fluency and beautiful accent. People thought he was a native speaker, and I was/am so proud of my Engel Junge (Angel Boy). 

I learned to say Tschüss instead of auf Wiedersehen every time we left a store, and that’s about it for my language skills.

He wrote a book entitled The Geological Unconscious

It probably won’t be read by too many people but that’s OK ‘cos I’m mentioned in it, so my life’s work is done.

Here’s the link to that post: https://enchantedseashells.com/2020/05/14/happy-birthday-to-meeeee/

17 thoughts on ““Vas ist Los” or “Was geht ab” auf Deutsch

  1. I can’t stand the new editor either! I’m glad I’m not the only one haha.

    That’s so cool about your son. I have German roots, but unfortunately, I don’t know the language. I’ll still look into his book though. I’m an author myself, so I know how big of a deal publishing a book is. What a great accomplishment!

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  2. 🙂 THe 1st weekend I tried it about 1 1/2-2 months ago new expletives were invented, drywall came crumbling off the walls just from the resonating DEAFENING SILENCE of creativity being imprisoned in “I CAN’T MAKE THE PENCIL TOUCH THE PAPER FUCK YOU BLOCKS. NO THAT’s NOTTTT WHERE I CLICKED THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO… ALL weekend long. No reverting to classic, just stayed in there. Ok, try again. What’s THIS thing do? OH WOW BOY. That would have been. Big Oops if I was editing. Ouchee!

    Then, I decided to force the breakthrough by making a draft blog I called The Sandbox Etch-A-Sketch. It would not be to publish anything. I dropped my planned schedule. Tossed it to the side. Hopped into the Sandbox Etch-A-Sketch and began clicking on everything one ny one from the Post/Blocks/Tools/JetPack etc up top to all the Tools hidden under the big + button up on the top left. Tags, Categories. Pin to Top o Blog, WHOAH, What’s this? Reusable Blocks. That sounds lame about cookie cutter canned content. OOPS. Holy Crapolie. What about my Footer that I keep constructing every time? What about thematic image groupings I work with over time? How does my Shop work with all this?

    and then after about 3 days in the Sandbox Etch-A-Sketch where me as the blog kid with a yellow bucket and blue shovel started building some little sand castles on the beach so to speak. And, little by little, I started to get it. Now, I LOVE it! Reusable Blocks I can compose of just about any content. It still has it’s drawbacks like a double-click-ish when I’m on the iPad almost making sure I’m sure I wanted to click what I clicked, and going to edit something and clicking and it picks the block below and then CMD-Z to back up and then re-select the item I WANTED.

    It had a learning curve, and now it has me eyeballing my blog format and opening me to new ways for my blog to come across.

    My best to you as you Nay Though You Walk Through The Shadow of BLOCKS.. 🙂 I hear you. It IS REALLY that bad as you say… in the beginning

    Best of luck and fortitude.

    You know, In the Beginning, there was Adam and Eve… the 1st two people in the world to not read the Apple User Agreement. 😉


  3. I’ve been using the block editor for awhile, but it seems to be getting worse when it comes to messing with my photos. Weird shenanigans and the captions keep disappearing. I’ve tried different browsers with little change.

    I took years of German language classes and used to dream in German sometimes. Your son is impressive!

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  4. The new editor stinks! I don’t like it either…as for the book! CONGRATS to an amazing Mommy and her son (congrats to him too)! I only know German drinking songs and can’t write in German so you wouldn’t even know what I knew! LOL 1, 2, 3 Zuffa!


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