“You’re a princess, Grandma!” More good chat with the T-man

“Grandma, I camped in the backyard last night!”

“Did you really?”

“Yes, for real, Grandma, not pretend. In a tent and my sleeping bag!!”

“Wow, T, that sounds like so much fun.”

“It WAS fun, Grandma. But today is a rainy day, see?” As he turns the phone toward the window so I could indeed see the rainy Pacific Northwest Sunday.

“What do you want to be for Halloween?”

“Grandma, I already told you a million times, I want to be a Gruffalo.”

“You want to be a buffalo?”

“NO GRANDMA, you are silly! You KNOW I always wanted to be the GRUFFALO. I told you. NOT a buffalo!”

“OK. If you’re going to be a Gruffalo, what should I be for Halloween?”

“You’re a princess, Grandma, that’s what you are.”

“I’m a princess?”

“Yes, Grandma, that’s what you are!”

OK, stop. Just STOP. Drop mic. Heart exploding.

“That is a very kind thing you said. Thank you, I WILL be a princess for Halloween.”

Out of the mouths of babes, right? Totally unprompted. No coaching. Is this how he thinks of me? I really have died and gone to heaven. My job here on Earth is done.

And it should come as no surprise that I’ve started working on my costume. It’s not like I don’t already have a tiara or two hanging around Casa de Enchanted Seashells…

I vow to be the princessiest Grandma ever.

If only there was a Prince Charming somewhere…

PS The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson is one of T’s favorite characters.

Confession: I’m a Halloween Hater

Not because of any religious reasons or anything remotely like that or even the overabundance of sugar.

I think I first became disenchanted with Halloween when adults sucked the magic away from kids and it became way too commercial.

When I was growing up, it was so much fun to dress up as a princess (duh) or fairy or ballet dancer and walk around the ‘hood with my mom to fill my little plastic pumpkin with a few pounds of chocolate.

Years later, I birthed the only child in the world who hated dressing up.

He even cried about it one year because his entire class was to be in costume and he really didn’t want to, but he wanted to participate in the party and school carnival.

I had a talk with his teacher: “Angel Boy is special and you and I both know that, and you will honor his choice and not say one negative word to him about it or allow the kids to tease him OR you will hear from me and I dress up as Monster Mommy every single day of the week when it concerns my child. Do I make myself particularly clear?”

Needless to say, he was treated extremely well, cos that’s the kind of mom I am.

I’m kinda bummed that adults helped to turn it into their “thang” but that’s just me.

When I was in SF visiting Angel Boy and DIL, apparently my child (now a man),  now DOES dress up for Halloween.

In fact, he’s participating in a critical mass bike ride and requested my assistance to make his costume!

Keeping in mind his status as an erudite and brilliant professor, he chose to emulate a character from a film by Salavador Dali and Luis Buñuel: Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog) (1929).  It’s a significant and monumental art film.

We recreated this character: “A slim young man bicycles down a calm urban street wearing what appears to be a nun’s habit and a striped box with a strap around his neck..” (Wiki)

He even had fake ants delivered to glue to his hands. (If you ever saw the film, you’d understand.)


Tonight, I’ll be passing out Skittles and other stuff I don’t like (so I wont be tempted to eat it) to trick or treaters, but I won’t be enjoying myself.

Happy Halloween, I guess, to those of you that do!


Magic Mushrooms

Right now we’re waiting for the doorbell to ring announcing our first treat or treaters. So far it’s been a productive Wednesday. We woke up about 6:30, checked emails, watched a bit of news, had a cup of coffee. The captain likes homemade granola with coconut milk, but I don’t usually eat anything first thing in the morning. I checked FlightTracker to make sure that my son’s Jet Blue flight to Boston departed on time, which it had.  Since Amtrak is still down, he’ll have a hard time getting to New Haven; I’m a little concerned about that. I’m too far away to come to the rescue.

The captain and I discussed our day’s plans. Usually we go to the gym in the morning, but today I had other ideas for exercise. When the captain’s home, I work him half to death on projects that I can’t do when I’m alone. I really wanted to go to Mountain Meadow Mushrooms in Escondido. They have free mushroom compost which is supposed to be awesome for gardens and I want to get ours ready for winter veggies. This business was featured on Mike Rowe‘s Dirty Jobs show (Mushroom Farmer).

It’s about 25 minutes or so from where we live.  The compost is in huge piles; you fill your own containers or truck for free, although they have a loader there for larger amounts, but I’m not sure of the cost.

We got our shovels out and started working! I just took a break to take the pic.

Lots of flies! Mushrooms are actually embedded in all the stinky compost!

From the parking lot, this is the beautiful view of the Daley Ranch, a great place to hike.

Back at home, we he immediately unloaded and prepared to rototill.

Good news for a mom. My son made it to New Haven. Happy Halloween everyone!

The Mission, Part Two: I swear I am NOT bribing my husband to buy me a Chanel handbag, honest.

I dragged my tired, feverish, achy body out of bed to do the laundry and fulfill all my wifely duties. I filled the tub with water, brought in a few rocks from the yard…too much? Well, I did cart the heavy basket of wet clothes outside to hang up. When we’re having weather like this, it’d be a shame not to use Mother Nature’s power to dry and sanitize clothes! Don’t you think polka sheets are tres cool?

I’m being the best wife ever and not complaining, (well, not too much) about watching the World Series.  I’m surprised I even know who’s playing.

“More coffee, honey?” “How about your dressing gown, shall I bring it?” “Let me just slide your slippers on your feet.” Again, too much, huh? Well, I’ve been on the sofa watching Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver   for the part of the day that I wasn’t baking and cleaning–on my knees, scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush, and, OK, OK, I know when to stop.

Who Am I?

Sometimes I feel like I’m part I Love Lucy, part That Girl “Oh, Donald!” part Erica Kane from All My Children, and part Blair Waldorf minus the Upper East Side penthouse, private school education, and money.  Oh, and part Jess from New Girl.

Hmmm. If those are my female role models, I can see why people my son sometimes accuse(s) me of living in a fantasy world. OK, at least I don’t identify with Honey Boo Boo Child! In my defense, I was at one time an aspiring dramatic actor. It’s a part of me, once an actress, always an actress, with the same tools of the trade. I say that I’m a famous undiscovered actress, and I’m hopeful that it’s not too late for me. But since I never audition for anything and don’t have current pix or even an agent,  that’s probably not going to happen; I do realize that. I am not totally delusional. A certain percentage of delusional is all I’ll admit to. Math is not my strong suit.

A Halloween Party!

This is the first Halloween the captain has been home in two years. One of his academy buddies is hosting a Halloween party and we’ve been toying with the idea of dressing up, which we never do. Our choices include Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, Captain and Tenille, the Skipper and MaryAnn, or Ginger and Fred Astaire ‘cos we love to swing dance. Right now we’re leaning toward the Frankenstein/Bride theme. I’ll take pix when we’ve made a decision.

My Former Life

I was cast as a streetwalker in a Marty Feldman film that was shot in San Diego a looonnnggg time ago; that was a good look for me, too. In fact, I was so convincing that I got propositioned for real! Good times. Hmmm. I was also cast as a Costa Rican hooker for another film, a made-for-TV movie with Jack Scalia. I had lines that time; “Te gusta, señor?” That translates to “You like, mister?” More good times. In case you were wondering, it was my curly brown locks that caused the casting agents to choose me. Def not in my personal bio. Definitely not.

Although, who knows what one’s price might be….a large Chanel might very well be my tipping point. Only kidding! Gotta hop to it and make the captain his lunch. I might as well stay in character…

The way to a man’s heart (read wallet) is through his stomach, right? I’m on a mission here.

I felt better pretty quickly, that’s what a Z-pack‘ll do, and we’re having a Santa Ana weather event (hot, dry, windy) so I did several loads of laundry and hung them out on the clothesline to dry, no really, that’s what I did! Then I decided to make petit4chocolatier’s Italian Chocolate Meatball Cookies  because they look so delicious in her beautiful photos. My pix can’t compare to hers, but the cookies are delicious! I didn’t have the blue sugar crystals to sprinkle on top, but all in all, I think it was a success. Take a peek. They look like meatballs with Alfredo sauce. Thank you, Judy, for a fun cookie to make and an easy recipe to follow!

Delicately arranged on an antique Limoges plate

Unfrosted. They’re yummy like this, too, full of chips and pecans.