Word of the Day: Cosmogyral

Cosmogyral: whirling around the universe.

I like the thought of whirling around the universe, spiraling through the galaxies in a playful weightless freefall.

It seems to evoke the ultimate surrender and that appeals to me, to belong to the sacred geometry of planetary orbits.

I envision the whirling not so much like a crazy fast dervish, but more like a butterfly ballerina, pirouetting from one flower to another to extract equal amounts of nectar and joy from each stop along the way.

Graphic credit to https://vocal.media/fyi/sacred-geometry-of-planetary-orbits

Star ⭐ Sea

I cast my eyes out to the sea
and gaze at all eternity
until forever turns to night.
My eyes then lift to catch starlight …

By Richelle E. Goodrich / Artist Jungsuk Lee

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